Hello, my name is Randy Pierce. Welcome to my portfolio site. Here you will see my visual language, my capabilities, and my creative problem solving in action.

1/2 business 1/2 creative 1/2 user experience

How far can the idea be taken? In what context does the idea have the most impact? What features and functionality are relevant within each touch-point? What brand elements shape the core of the communication? How do we keep the expectations and needs of the user central to our product development?

part teacher, part mentor, all learner

Building bike wheels? Sure! Working with dynamic php systems to build navigation? Why not. Attempting to reconcile experience discrepancies within a large enterprise? Sounds great!

“I will visually thrill you!”
An adaptation of the coach from Beavis and Butthead – Circa 1995


Covering 17+ years you will find a diverse range of creative work, some stylistic themes, as well as a wide range of tactics—kitchen sink pinstriping not included.


Best Buy – Home Page Explorations

Best Buy – Iconography / Font Development

Best Buy

Capella • Education Shoot

Doctor Bone Savers

Capella Brand Expression

Qaxu – Product Launch Teaser

3M The Complete Packaging Process

process / approach / click stream

Qaxu – Site

3M Envision Our Future

U Care


US Bancorp Investments

Qaxu – Splash Screen Animation

Pb – Lead


Pleasant Stitch

Capella University

K2 Inline Skates

Bailey Nurseries


Sled Dogs

SafeNet Consulting

Commonweal Theatre Company

The Goldstein Museum of Design

University of Minnesota

Smithsonian Institution

APG Cash Drawer

High School Exploration



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